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Lindsey Dunn posted is live!

Stay up to date on all the latest GEOINT 2011 news by visiting the newly launched website at As we confirm speakers, topics and networking events, information on these will be posted on the GEOINT 2011 website. Make sure to check back often to for updates!

Wed, Dec 22 at 10:50AM (0 comments)

Lindsey Dunn posted Get noticed in traffic!

Contact to receive a got geoint? bumper sticker and static cling. Hurry! These will only last a limited time!

Fri, Dec 17 at 2:06PM (0 comments)

Lindsey Dunn posted Take got geoint? on the road!

Didn't get your got geoint? bumper sticker or static cling while you were in New Orleans for the GEOINT 2010 Symposium? Contact USGIF at to find out how to receive these. Stick these on your car and really make a statement in traffic.

Fri, Dec 10 at 12:59PM (0 comments)

Want to see what you may have missed at the GEOINT 2010 Symposium but don't have much time? Check out highlights from the keynote speeches on at

Fri, Dec 3 at 3:26PM (0 comments)

Here at USGIF, we're very excited to announce the launch of our GEOINTv site! At, see what you may have missed at the Symposium. From keynotes, breakouts, exhibit hall interviews to highlights like the Young Professionals service project, is a great place to catch up with what you may have missed during your time in New Orleans. Let us know what you think!

Thu, Nov 18 at 10:17AM (0 comments)

Jordan Fuhr posted GEOINT 2010 thoughts ...

So, what did everyone think of the GEOINT 2010 Symposium? What can we, USGIF, do next year to improve or enhance the experience?

Mon, Nov 15 at 2:55PM (0 comments)

Becky Schneider posted Come Innovate with DigitalGlobe

Visit DigitalGlobe's booth #557 to learn more about the products and services we are showcasing at the 2010 GeoInt Conference.

Wed, Nov 3 at 2:15PM (0 comments)

DigitalGlobe is hosting exclusive user group sessions at the 2010 GeoInt Conference. Today's sessions begin at 3pm. It's not to late to register. Visit DigitalGlobe's booth #557 to learn more and register.

Wed, Nov 3 at 2:06PM (0 comments)

Becky Schneider posted Boogie on the Bayou with DigitalGlobe

GeoInt attendees - put on your dancing shoes and come Boogie with DigitalGlobe at our GeoWalk reception at the New Orlean's House of Blues. Party begins tonight at 8pm.

Wed, Nov 3 at 2:03PM (0 comments)

From land use/land cover identification to route planning to illegal crop analysis, learn how you can put the 8bands of WorldView-2 to work for your business applications. Todays session is from 4:00-5:00pm. Visit DigitalGlobe's booth #557 to learn more and register for today's user group sessions.

Wed, Nov 3 at 10:52AM (0 comments)

I look forward to having lunch with you at 12:30 in Room 275, as panelists involved with domestic and international missions discuss methods to extend the benefits of GEOINT to unclassified communities. I see great value in bringing these nontraditional partners into the fray and making our products accessible and useful to them. Come share your ideas for practices and programs that could extend the benefits of GEOINT to those involved with human... [read more]

Wed, Nov 3 at 6:48AM (0 comments)

Becky Schneider posted DigitalGlobe User Group Sessions

Interested in attending a DigitalGlobe exclusive user group session at GeoInt? Stop by the DigitalGlobe booth #557 to learn more and register.

Becky Schneider: Did you miss DigitalGlobe's user group sessions today at GeoInt? Don't worry we will be back again on Nov. 3rd and Nov. 4th. Visit DigitalGlobe's booth #557 to learn more and register.

Tue, Nov 2 at 5:12PM (1 comment)

Becky Schneider posted Looking to unify your layers?

DigitalGlobe WebServices provides an advantage over all web service competitors due to the quality, currency and volume of the imagery provided by our satellite constellation. Visit DigitalGlobe's booth #557 at GeoInt to learn more about our WebServices.

Tue, Nov 2 at 5:10PM (0 comments)

Becky Schneider posted Visit DigitalGlobe's Booth #557

Fly through London without ever leaving the ground. Visit DigitalGlobe's booth #557 at GeoInt to see our London 3-D ImageScape product.

Tue, Nov 2 at 5:04PM (0 comments)

Becky Schneider posted Get the Real World View

Want to learn how high resolution imagery and information can be utilized in your business applications? Visit DigitalGlobe's booth #557 at GeoInt to learn more.

Tue, Nov 2 at 12:24PM (0 comments)

Becky Schneider posted Got Orthos?

Visit DigitalGlobe's booth #557 at GeoInt to learn more about our Advanced Ortho Series & Aerial Program.

Tue, Nov 2 at 12:15PM (0 comments)

Lindsey Dunn posted Today's Agenda

Hope you all had a great time at last night's Taste of New Orleans Welcome Reception at Generations Hall with Chef Paul Prudhomme. The general session begins at 8 a.m. with the Honorable Joan Avalyn Dempsey introducing our opening keynote, newly appointed DNI James R. Clapper, Jr., followed by keynotes from NRO Director Gen. Bruce Carlson (Ret.), Ms. Caryn A. Wagner, Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis, Department of Homeland Security a... [read more]

Tue, Nov 2 at 7:50AM (0 comments)

Lindsey Dunn posted Monday's Events

For those of you who plan to fly in a little early to New Orleans, make sure to check out the day's Academic and Technology Tracks, taking place all day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Academic Track will have sessions on Filling the K-16 Pipeline with Geospatial Students, USGIF Accreditation of University Geospatial Intelligence Certificate Programs, a Service Academy Roundtable and Academic Presentations from the USGIF Award winner and selected NURI... [read more]

Sat, Oct 30 at 5:56PM (0 comments)

D. Dewey Dyer posted Geoint meet??

Hi John, John Pritchard gave me your name. I'll also be at Geoint and would like to meet you and discuss mutually beneficial opportunities. You can call or text me at 303-621-6710, or email at sf, Dewey

Fri, Oct 29 at 2:21PM (0 comments)

Jason San Souci, GISP posted Multi-INT Visualization Portal

Stop by booth #223 at the GEOINT symposium to learn how DECISIVE ANALYTICS Corporation supports “GEOINT 3.0 a new era of GEOINT”! Our services respond to the needs of the Geospatial community to solve tough problems in a manner our clients judge to be truly superior. We offer a enterprise web-based portal named Contour which provides analysts with a visualization capability to display geospatial trends and hot spots, geospatial distribution of d... [read more]

Thu, Oct 28 at 2:30PM (0 comments)

The USGIF is hosting a Community Collaboration Environment (CCE) on the Exhibit Floor this year! Booth 864 provides access to the lastet edge devices, app stores, a USGIF only 3G/4G/80211.x network and app engineers to help you bring your ideas and collaborations to the conference and our community. During exhibit hours, you can bring your app to the booth and post it to the USGIF 3.0 App Store, collaborate with other attendees and share your ide... [read more]

Tom Ager: Stop by the Community Collaboration Environment for a Live Demo of the Future of SAR Tasking, Processing and Exploitation. See how simplicity, speed and imagination can be used to access and process radar data using hand-held devices with sensor-inde... [read more]

Wed, Oct 27 at 7:48PM (1 comment)

I'm looking forward to next Tuesday's panel on Functional Management in the NSG. I'm interested to hear about current GEOINT efforts across the NSG and whether panelists see shrinking financial resources producing a change in the way business is conducted. Will there be a change in the current model that government follows when dealing with industry partners?

Tue, Oct 26 at 11:58AM (0 comments)

Meet USGIF's leadership at the USGIF Booth #511 on Thursday November 4! USGIF will be hosting a New Member Reception from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on the last day of the show. If you have recently joined USGIF or have been considering membership, stop by for a few minutes to discuss what USGIF can do for you and your organization. Our leadership and staff will be there to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Tue, Oct 26 at 4:21PM (0 comments)

Here at USGIF we're excited to announce that General James E. Cartwright, Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff will be the GEOINT 2010 keynote! In case you may not be aware, there will also be a USGIF Workshop on Commercial SAR Familiarization on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. In this workshop, SAR experts from NGA and commercial providers will present an overview tutorial about the SAR imaging process and natural coherence of radar ill... [read more]

Fri, Oct 22 at 4:33PM (0 comments)

Jason San Souci, GISP posted GISP TweetUp @ GEOINT 2010

Attention all GISPs attending GEOINT 2010! Let's get together during the first Networking Break on November 2 from 10:30am - 11:00am at Booth #223. We can discuss the latest news from GISCI committees and any other topics of interest (like where to eat in NOLA). Hope to see you all there! RSVP at

Jordan Fuhr: RT @USGIF #GEOINT2010 TweetUp at the 1st networking break on NOV 2 from 10:30-11am during at booth #223 to discuss #GISCI

Tue, Oct 19 at 11:03PM (1 comment)

I have seen a recent increase in the amount of attendees utilizing the Map Your Show functionality to schedule booth visits. If you are interested in creating a personalized agenda, click on the floor plan on Once there, attendees can click on a booth and it will prompt you to create an on-line account. By doing this, you can create your own agenda. Just click on any booth and it will ask if you want to add thi... [read more]

Wed, Oct 20 at 9:12AM (0 comments)

TerraGo Technologies, provider of geospatial collaboration software solutions and the inventor of geospatial PDF, will once again bring its Innovation Lab to the GEOINT Symposium. On October 26 at 11am ET, we will conduct a preview webcast, giving you a sneak peek at just one of the innovations you'll see at our Innovation Lab: 3D GeoPDF maps and imagery. Whether you are an advanced user or new to geospatial PDF, this webcast will offer insight o... [read more]

Mon, Oct 18 at 4:16PM (0 comments)

Are you planning on joining me at the lunchtime panel on Wednesday, November 3, 12:30-2:30 p.m.? I was excited to read the posting from Shadrock Roberts, one of USGIF’s scholarship recipients, and hope many of you share his interest in GEOINT for humanitarian operations. I am honored to serve as moderator for an impressive group of panelists: Dr. Lee Schwartz, Geographer of the US Department of State; Mr. Daniel M. Cotter, US Department of Homela... [read more]

Thu, Oct 14 at 12:24PM (0 comments)

When setting up your GEOINT 2010 calendar, please plan to join me on Tuesday afternoon, November 2, 2:30-4:30 pm, as I host a panel on Functional Management and GEOINT operations across the National System for Geospatial Intelligence (NSG). The NSG is a community that encompasses intelligence, military, industry, civil, academic, and international partners. Functional Management allows these members and partners greater understanding of GEOINT ac... [read more]

Keith Masback: Sincere thanks, Paul, for assembling this unique array of speakers. I know that our attendees will be very eager to hear from you and your panelists about the state of the NSG, and the ambitious plans you have to move it forward in the future. This p... [read more]

Wed, Oct 13 at 6:54PM (1 comment)

If you can't attend the special K-16 symposium on Monday as part of the academic track, please make sure to stop by and see what our students are doing. They are looking forward to showing their projects and seeing what the professional community thinks of their work. Also if you have any thoughts of getting involved with your local K-12 schools or colleges come by and see what materials we have that you might be able to share within your own com... [read more]

Tue, Oct 12 at 8:57PM (0 comments)